A Peace March Powered By SMILES

The STL Peace Train is about as BIG an idea as they get.  Its mission is to bring the entire city of St. Louis together in a march of solidarity, peace, love and joy.

Smilocracy founder Matt Goodman came up with the idea last summer when he had a vision in Forest Park of thousands of STL citizens marching in unison with his organization’s famous smile stickers singing along to the classic Cat Stevens’ song, “Peace Train”.

Smile Man Matt!

Ever since, he has been putting together an All-Star Team of Peace Warriors in St. Louis, uniting them to to uplift our city by forming the greatest human peace train of all time.

Together they have set up multiple train routes across our city, and have planned stops with fun, inspiring activities all along the way.

Talk about a Fun Train Rout?!

The goal is to raise the positive energy wherever our train goes, uplifting neighborhoods and the entire city in innovative and impactful ways.

For more information, check out the STL Peace Train’s official website

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