“Our Content Creates Hope Because It’s Made By People With Hope”


We’re starting the Smilocracy Non-Profit Ad Agency because we see a need:  Homeless people on the street without skills, without an opportunity, and without much hope.

It doesn’t make sense to us.  These people have a voice.  They have something to share.  They just need an outlet.

That’s why we’re putting our brains together and pooling our creative talents to start a production/advertising agency that gives these people something unexpected.   Creative training and a platform to learn positive communication skills through the power of smiles.

Real World Tools and Training

The goal of the Smilocracy Agency is to give our trainees real world advertising agency experience through grassroots smile campaigns like the St. Louis Happiness Initative, Lois for President and Breast Cancer Aliveness Month.  That’s why we are building an agency that provides hands on experience and training in the following areas:

  • Social Media
  • Video Production
  • Creative Storytelling
  • Computer Training
  • Sales and Presentation Skills
  • Positive communication
  • And More

In addition, our Smilocracy platform provides a network of people and organizations that give structure and support to our trainees.  Our network includes dynamite charities like Making a Difference and Feed My Peeps and and the social impact agency, Goodmeetsworld.

And then there’s all of our exciting Smile Campaigns!  Check out Lois for President or the Saint Louis Happiness Initiative or Breast Cancer Aliveness Month.  These are the projects and initiatives we will be developing co-creatively, all while making our city a happier, healthier place.


Finally, there’s 82 year old, Smilocracy Ambassador, Lois Severin (aka “Saint Lois”) who is an inspiration, mentor and hero to ALL.  She’s given out over 60,000 of our famous smile stickers across the country, and will be a source of guidance and inspiration for our agency.

If you’re interested in hiring our agency, donating to our organization or contributing to one of our campaigns, just fill out the form below.  We look forward to hearing from you.

With Smiles,

Matt Goodman, Founder Smilocracy.org