We are beyond excited to announce our partnership with Dr. Stone Kraushaar, Dr. K for short, the “Guru of Hugs” and “Hug Doctor” himself.  We have only known Dr. K for a short time, and his incredible philosophy has already changed our life.  As Dr K. puts it, “Life is a profound journey and going on the 21 Day Hugging Journey will enhance yours in ways you can’t even imagine.”   It’s guaranteed to create smiles, connections and JOY.  It already has for us.  The HUG, as Dr. K puts it, can even become the delivery system for world peace.  And that’s coming from a trained clinical psychologist!

To learn more, visit Dr. K’s website www.doctorktoday.com.

And stay tuned for Lois and Matt’s upcoming 21 Day Hugging Journey.  You can follow their progress LIVE on their Facebook Page!