It Starts with a Smile

Mother Teresa once said, “Peace begins with a smile.”  At Smilocracy, their mission is to prove it.  Through the organization’s signature Smile Missionary Work, stickering people with smiles, Smilocracy is starting a grassroots movement to spread and curate happiness around the globe.  And it’s not going to stop till we capture every last smile.

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The ‘Bizarre Trinity’

Smilocracy is the “smile-trust” of three positively inspiring individuals – Matt, Shad, and Lois.  Matt and Shad are creative advertising guys and Lois, well she’s Saint Lois.  That’s why she’s running for president.  They call themselves the “Bizarre Trinity”, and they just might be bizaree enough to pull off this hair-brained idea of collecting the world’s happiness.

The tale of how we united is as colorful and interesting as our personalities.  It’s a MUST read.  Check it out here.


 The Power of Smiles

The scientific benefits of smiling are extraordinary.  If we extrapolate those benefits to entire populations the result is increased quality of life and happiness for everyone.


Our Smile Spreading Techniques

We’ve devised several creative methods to get the smiling rates up in communities.  As Matt puts, “We’re scientists when it comes to figuring it out how to spread smiles.”  They include:

  • Smile stickering, Lois’ forte
  • Pop-up smile performances
  • Surprise acts of kindness
  • And our signature brand of content, “smiletainment”.

Below is a video that highlights the creative ways we spread happy.

To see more of our videos, click here.

Volunteering in the Community

We volunteer alongside many great neighborhood groups, organizations and local artists.  Whether its helping feed the homeless or performing on the street with the crew, the smile always takes the energy up a notch.

To work with us, contact us here.


A Positive Vision for the Future

The future is full of promise and vision for the Smilocracy platform.   Currently we are working on an educational app and social network that encodes the techniques we have mastered  in our hometown of Saint Louis. We’re positioning it as a “social network on training wheels”.  The goal is to teach children to connect, communicate and create more positive content online, thus raising happiness everywhere!

Download a pdf of Matt’s vision for the social platform.  He  wrote in the form of a children’s book.


Saint Lois for President

We are also currently raising funds for our Saint Lois for President Campaign, our exciting initiative to spread a million smiles before the elections in November.  It is truly a remarkable campaign led by an even more remarkable lady, Smilocracy’s official ambassador of Happiness, Saint Lois.

If you’re interested in volunteering for the campaign, contact us here.



Get Involved!

Smilocracy is a family, and we’re always looking for new crazy uncles, cousins, and aunts to join our happy clan.  To connect with us, contact us here.



The Campaign






In addition, we’ve dreamed up the ultimate campaign wish list to get us there including a VW Van reminiscent of Lois’ hippie days in the 70’s.




With the help of Chief Smile Officer and Campaign Manager, Matt, we’re planning a united smile assault on America, and intend to hit all the major campaign stops along the way.

So far in her hometown of Saint Louis, our Matron Saint of Happy has “blessed” over 15,000 of her signature smiley stickers to citizens on the street.  As you can see, the reactions have been pure magic.    That’s why  we’re backing her for President on the Smilocracy platform.  We feel Lois’ smile is exactly what our country needs.   And we’re going to multiply her smile a million fold leading up the elections to prove it!  


Our plan includes obtaining all of Lois’ favorite pink and smile inspired goodies including a classic 70’s VW Van from her hippie days and a full production crew to record every minute of the campaign.


We’re in the process of getting a kickstarter page up so check back soon!   


The Campaign Manager and his Candidate

She’s a mother, grandmother, teacher, cheerleader, boy-obsessed cougar, breast cancer survivor, aging hippie,  and most of all an infectious smile spreader!   She “blesses” everyone with her smiles.  That’s how she got the name Saint Lois.