A Gift to the World

A Foreword:

The presentation you are about to read is a gift to the world.  It’s a plan for how to fix our economy through an alternate digital currency, one powered by the abundant nature of our SMILES.  The idea “found me” over four years ago in Chicago.  And I believe it is truly divine in origin.

To understand it, you first have to understand how our current money system operates, specifically Fiat money.  And how the supply of it, for all intents and purposes, is rigged.  In the presentation I go over what fiat money is and alternatively compare it to two other currency systems, The Gold Standard and Bitcoin, and finally my solution, Smile Bux.

I ask that you keep an open mind and open heart when reading the presentation. Disrupting our money system is not something you do lightly, even if it is with a SMILE.  I hope you see a glimmer of what I see.  I believe a smile-backed currency is not only possible, but probable and God-willing, inevitable.  It’s why I can’t stop smiling.  It’s going to change the world!

With a HUGE, shining smile,

Matt Goodman, Chief Smile Officer 

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