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1000 Sticker Gift

1000 Sticker Gift

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How many smiles can you spread?

Smilocracy matches every sticker we sell by gifting stickers to individuals and organizations that need a positive boost.  Our goal is to gift a million stickers in 2019, and spread the power of smiles all throughout the world! 

What you get with your Stickers:
  • Smile Spreading Tips from Smilocracy Founders, Lois and Matt
  • A personal "Thank You" from Lois and Matt
  • Promo Code for %15 off your next purchase
  • Smile Updates from around the world (weekly newsletter)
    About Smilocracy

    To date, Smilocracy has gifted over 70,000 of our famous smile stickers.  Led by founders, Lois and Matt, we teach a very simple philosophy:  Give with your smile.  It truly works!