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Founding Membership

Founding Membership

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Help us uplift the world one smile at a time!

Our mission is HUGE:  To spread our famous smile stickers to every human on Planet Earth by the year 2029.   That's why we need your help.  Our Founding Membership gets you fully equipped to be an agent of positive change in the world.   

What you get with your membership:

  • Smilocracy Sticker Starter Kit (10 stickers)
  • Special Founding Member's Certificate
  • Shout out mention on social media
  • Updates on how we're uplifting the world with smiles
    Give back with EVERY purchase.

    Every purchase helps us fund exciting new initiatives powered by smiles.  Our inaugural initiative is a Smile Themed Soup Kitchen that empower the homeless of St. Louis.  The planned concept will not only provide warm meals, but also serve as a sanctuary for positive mental health resources and valuable job training.  

      About Smilocracy

      To date, Smilocracy has gifted over 70,000 of our famous smile stickers.  Led by founders, Lois and Matt, we teach a very simple philosophy:  Give with your smile.  It truly works!