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Our Mission

To positively transform the City of St. Louis into a happier, healthier and more caring place by promoting and spreading the scientifically proven power of smiles. 
We have established the following measurable goals for YR 1:
  • Sell and spread a million smile stickers across St. Louis
  • Increase random acts of kindness in St. Louis through the rewarding of SmileBUX
  • Increase community service and volunteering rates across St. Louis through rewarding of SmileBUX
  • Receive more positive coverage and awareness for St. Louis in the media
  • Lower crime rates in St. Louis specifically in North City and Downtown 
  • Raise 3 Million dollars for a new Smile Resource Center for St. Louis
  • Launch Smilocracy physically in 3 new cities in the U.S. by end of YR 1