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Kindness Pays

What are SmileBUX: 

SmileBUX are a new community currency designed to inspire a community to live and work more kindly and positively with one another. The idea is to create a lifestyle around doing good, in the process harnessing the proven power of smiles.

What are SmileBUX rewarded for:
  • Volunteering in the community
  • Extra good service at a restaurant
  • Waving or smiling at a stranger
  • Creating a public work of art
  • Picking up trash on the streets
  • Teaching a class or doing ministry work
  • Sitting on a community committee or Board
  • Creating an inspiring social media post
  • Even just a warm hug or a smile 
Who rewards SmileBUX:

We do!!  The founders at Smilocracy!!  You'll get to know us soon... Just follow us on Facebook!

What can you buy with SmileBUX:

SmileBUX are good for any products sold in our SmileBUX store.  Just input the redemption code upon purchase on the website. 

What is the initial currency offering:
We plan to offer a thousand SmileBUX In denominations of 1, 2 and 3 Buck bills.  Over time we will phase in higher bill denominations. 
    Stay Tuned!

    Stay tuned!  We have a lot of cool contests and promotions in the works!  Sign up for updates, and pledge smiles!