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For Sponsors / Patrons

Help a local school or charity get in on the Smile Hustle Action!

The 1:1 Sticker Program is an amazing opportunity for you to make a tangible impact in the STL community by empowering a local school or charity with smile stickers and innovative educational programming.  The sponsorship pays for all of the costs associated with implementing our 1:1 Sticker Program in a school or charity.  

In addition, you get all of the following sponsorship benefits:

  • Matching amount of stickers to give to employees, customers, friends family whoever
  • Social media coverage of the school's program and your name mentioned in every post and video 
  • A sponsored boost on Smilocracy's facebook page (reach 50,000 people
  • A Pledge Certificate with commitment to sponsoring a school to hang in your business
  • 10% Discount code on ALL Smilocracy gear on the website
  • 200 promotional SmileBUX (1 Bux bills)  to give out to customers
  • Special Access to volunteer opportunities, local events and more
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