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Our Mission

Empowerment begins with a SMILE!

Having experienced homelessness in 2014, Smilocracy Founder and serial entrepreneur, Matt Goodman, discovered something very profound: 

A SMILE is the simplest and most effective tool for empowering your life and achieving personal and professional success.

Matt's epiphany was simple.  He realized if he smiled more everyday, he could harness the inherent powers of smiles to lead a healthier, happier, and more inspiring life. 

More smiling:
Lowers blood pressure
Decreases stress
Increases your endorphins
Makes you look younger
Elevates your confidence
Increases your productivity
Boosts your JOY

Matt imagined that a smile could be the secret tool to not only unlocking his potential, but so many others who were struggling.

He started sharing his famous smile stickers with everyone he met, and the results shocked him to say the least.  He started to attract all of the positive things he wanted in life - creative passion, a greater life purpose, he started to create real positive impact and change.
Smiles redeemed Matt, and showed him he could truly make a difference in this world.  That's why Smilocracy donates 50% of ALL profits towards an innovative NEW empowerment program for the homeless centered around sharing smiles. The goal of the program is to teach the homeless the same positive habits and life skills that helped Smilocracy founder Matt turn his life around and build Smilocracy. 

Together with his fairy godmother, Lois Severin, our goal is to inspire and empower millions struggling on the streets with our famous smile stickers and gear. 

We're currently working on a Youtube Content Series that will chronicle the launch of this program.   It's going to be positively inspiring and awesome!  So stay tuned! 

The Science Behind Smiles

Smiles have been scientifically proven to have an absolutely amazing impact on our health and happiness.   Below are some famous studies that support our mission to spread the infectious powers of smiles all over the world.

Smiles are contagious by their nature.

A Swedish study found that it is incredibly difficult to keep a long face when you look at people who are smiling at you.  That means that your smile can turns anyone's frown upside down!

Kids understand smiling better than anyone!

It's been found that the average child smiles over 400 times a day while the average adult smiles just 20 times.  It's why we often feel happier around children – they smile more!

Smiling is wired to create JOY.

In a recent smile study, scientists concluded “that smiling can be as stimulating as receiving up to 16,000 Pounds Sterling in cash.”  How's that for some positive stimulation.

Smiling makes you look more competent

A recent Penn State University study confirmed that when we smile we not only appear more likeable and courteous, but we’re actually perceived to be more competent.

Smiling may even make you live longer!

2010 Wayne State University research project that examined the baseball cards photos of Major League players in 1952 found that the span of a player’s smile could actually predict the span of his life! Players who didn’t smile in their pictures lived an average of only 72.9 years, while players with beaming smiles lived an average of 79.9 years.

Now imagine if we could spread these scientifically proven powers ALL over the world!


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