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A Political Party Founded on the Power of Smiles

Elevating the Individual positively

For a society or nation of people to be healthy, happy and prosperous, each individual must  be happy, healhty and propersous on his or own. 

That's why Smilocracy is building a platform that focuses on the individual. 

Our goal is to create a whole new model of political advocacy.  We want to give everyone the tools and guidance and educatin so that they can take power over their life, enjoy life more and can freely pursue their dreams.

Our platform's Guiding principles:

Lead with your smile.  That's the beginning of positive change. 

The science behind smiles is very real.  And we want to inspire more smiles in every person in our country, and we have a plan and platform to do it.


pphysical, mental, emotional and spiritual health for all

Economy: Replace a model of fear and scarcity with joy and abudnance

Foreign Policy:  Empathy and compassion and forgiveness  

Social Issues:  This one's easy, we're all equal

 Open Source Everything

Full Discolsure - dealing with the shadow half

Empathy, compassion and forgiveness for all




Some of our ideas, visions and goals. And people we respect and plans to change the world...



The HOME Path our plan to end homelessness

The SmileBUX digital currency - an alternate currency founded on the power of smiles

The Smilocracy Social Network - a positive education platform that teaches 




Why we're creating a platform that starts with smiles.

All problems start on the individual level.

Why is our political system so petty and adversarial.  Because the individuals are pettery and adversarial.

Why is greed and corruption rampant in our political and economic system.  Because thei individuals who run it are greedy and corrupt.

Why are the values of society so amoral and are getting more debased everyday.  Because leaders of society are amoral and unethical and are getting even more so...

So how do we make a change... 

Why does nothing get accomplished in politcs.  Becuase the individuals don't get anything accomplished

Healthy individual is what's lacking in our current sphere of politics and government..  They system is corrupt because the indivdiuals are corrupt.  So how we 


Our idea is to create a party or philosophy that sticks to integrity and prinspicles of self responsibility and accountability.  We believe thats how you get the corruption out fo the system.  And we believe it starts witha smile.  


The two parties say they focus on the issues... but really it's all talk and rhetoric... that's all they do... What they behind the scenes as corrupt as there are too many instances 

So how do we fix a corrupt system. We start with the individuals.  And we're going to start with us..


are full of morally, ethically and spiritually bankrupt people... And it's really just a shit show... And we never to get the bottom of the real problem .  That many individuals of both parties are morally, ethically and spiritually bankrupt.  If the individuals are not held accountable, then how can we build a better nation..


and his pursuit of a harmonious and properous life.

We belive that pursuit starts with a smile.  It's the foundation for all of our ideas for how to build a better nation.  If we simply connect more with our smiles - inner and outer -and are more positve, the change we want to see in ourselves and our world will manifest.  

To get people to smile more, we have devised the following governing principles.


Balanced Spirtual, mental, emotional and physical health

Personal responsibility and accountability

indvidual sov

Self Care

adopt Spiritual practices


empathy, compassion, forgiveness


Passion and Purpose

The Present


As a social


Societal Principals



The Key to making our plan work



Long Term Goals

End Homelessness 

Introduce a morally positive currency



Eliminate crime

Promote Spiritual practices

Promote Individual Sovereignty


Intro Paragraph

Our Platform


Postive change starts with a smile