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1:1 Sticker Program For Schools

Are you looking for a dynamic new way to positively engage your school's students?

The 1:1 Sticker Program is an innovative education program that teaches kindness in the community through the power of smiles.  The program is entirely subsidized by sponsors, who match every sticker pledged by a school.   That's why it's called 1:1!

The program includes: 

  • Smile Sticker Starter Kit (10 per student)
  • Pledge Commitment Sheets 
  • Smilocracy Tips for spreading smiles
  • SmileBUX rewards (amount TBD) 
  • A Framed Million Smile Hustle School Poster
  • Content Services (a fully produced video to post on social media)
  • Plus our Smilocracy team's time to get the program up and running 
To learn more, and get your school signed up on the early bird waitlist, fill out the form below.