Behold the Power of the Sticker

The secret to our plan to capture the world’s happiness is our smile sticker.   So far our Chief Happiness Missionary, Saint Lois, has “blessed” over 15,000 of them in our hometown of Saint Louis.  We feel the proof of their power speak in the photos below.

Just imagine if a company like Coca Cola, who markets itself as a “brand of happiness” got behind our smiles. They could make ALL 7 billion people in the world smile with our stickers for just a fraction of their annual advertising budget.

That’s why we’ve begun an enormous sticker campaign ourselves.  This summer leading up to the elections we’re going to bless a million smiles as we pull behind our beloved Saint for President on her Million Smile Campaign.


And we’ve got a lot more initiatives in the works including taking our smiles to Middle East!  Look out !


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