Got Initiative?

It’s easy to wax and wane philosophical about the powers of smiles.  Heck, there’s a whole cottage industry of motivational speakers and gurus who profess to know the keys to happiness.  We’re different in that we don’t babble on and on about our smiles.  We walk the walk, going into the community, spreading them ourselves.

Our Chief Smile Spreader, “Saint Lois”, has stuck 19,000!

Creating a culture around that same sort of initiative is HUGELY important to us.  That’s why we’ve already started several powerful initiatives to get people excited and engaged in our mission, and spreading smiles in the community.

In addition, we work with numerous organization in the St. Louis area, and happily donate our smiles to their outreach efforts.  To learn more about partnership opportunities, fill out the form in our contact page.

Some of Our Partners

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