Meet the ‘Happy Trinity’

Our backgrounds and stories are as diverse as our ways of teaching happiness.  Matt’s a 34 year old entrepreneur, Shad, a 50 year old father of three, and Lois, well she’s an 81 year old eccentric hippie.   Sometimes we think we are aliens put here to make people smile.  Whatever forces conspired to bring us together, we’re beyond grateful.  Smilocracy is our vehicle to showcase to the world that anything is possible, even this unlikely trio leading a movement to make the world smile!

The Smilocracy Founders – Matt, Shad, and Lois

To learn more about us, we recommend reading the story about how this crazy big smile adventure began.  It’s quite a tale.  We’re also always looking for more crazy cousins, uncles and aunts to join our happy family.  Connect with us anytime!

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