Getting Smiling Rates Up

We’ve studied smiles deeply, specifically how often people smile, and the statistics are startling.  The average child smiles over 400 times a day, yet the average adult smiles just 20 times.  How do we get smiling rates up?  And more importantly, how we prevent children from losing their smiles as adults.  We’ve developed a number of unique educational tools that remind people the power of smiles.  Check them out.

 Our Smile Stickers

This is our teaching staple.  Our aim is to show children how to spread smiles to others and demonstrate their vitality in the real world.

Random Smiles of Kindness

Creativity is key to learning the power of smiles.  The more we’ve experimented, the better the results and desired effect.  What do you think?

Our  Smile Stage

Founder Shad built this 6ft by 6ft stage with his barehands.   It’s a great addition to any classroom to do presentations on and just have FUN!


Our Graffiti Stencils

Finally,  we’ve developed an easy to use stencil that allows children to paint our big shiny smiles large and impactful.


Tools in the Works

Our vision is enormous.  we’re working on a complete educational curriculum that teaches the power of smiles in the classroom.  Our goal is to develop a lesson plan for the 21st century that combines



To learn more about our tools and educational program, contact Chief Smile Officer Matt.  He’ll give you a breakdown of pricing and how you can incorporate the power of smiles into your education program.


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