We’re making our city shine with great content that unites the people around the power of sharing a smile.  Check out some of our highlights.

Build A Bridge (on Kingshighway)

The bridge on Kingshighway was closed for nearly two years for rebuilding.  When it opened, you can bet there was quite a few happy people.

Look What We Discovered

Check out our highlight reel for our inaugural Saint Louis Happiness Initiative.  What we discovered in our hometown surprised us big time!

Why I Smile

Hear everyday St. Louisians tell us their philosophies and stories for why they smile.  The answers run the gamut from awe-inspiring to flat out hilarious.  We were shocked

Presenting the Smile Stage

People sing on it, dance on it, and hug on it.  Check out what happens when we take it to a Cubs/Cardinals rivalry game. It’s proof a smile brings anyone together

Sounds of the City

Check out our “Sounds of the City” series, which features many of Saint Louis’ most prominent street performers.

Saint Lois Blesses Best Buy

The title says it all.  We set our Matron Saint of Happy loose in a Best Buy, and blessings and joy follow

Ikea Arrival

In St. Louis, an Ikea opening is a BIG deal.  Watch from a customer’s view the royal entrance they are greeted with.  It’s a celebration that can only be described as Swedish meatballs awesome!

Paint Louis

Saint Louis has one of the biggest graffiti walls in the world.  Watch the biggest names in graffiti art descend on our 3-mile long graffiti wall and paint the entire thing.  You can bet we added our smiles!

Gateway Arch Celebration

Last year the arch turned the BIG Five-O. We payed homage to it by artfully showing how it shapes the city and our lives.  The arch is truly magical.

Yogi Berra Tribute

Yogi’s a hometown hero, who always gave his fans a smile.  When he passed last year, Smilocracy honored him by going to the Hill, his old stomping grounds, where his classic and signature one-liners were inspired.  Yogi, this smile’s for you!

 Random Favorites

Whether it’s haggling in Soulard Market or meeting the Saint Louis Superman at the Gateway Arch Celebration, we’ve had some bizarre, WTF?! moments.  Enjoy a few of our favorites!

Breast Cancer Aliveness Month

Last May, Smilocracy’s ‘Matron Saint of Happy’, Saint Lois, was diagnosed with breast cancer.  She faced it like everything in her life – with fearlessness and positivity that was awe-inspiring.  In her honor, we came up with a new campaign  for breast cancer month – Breast Cancer ‘Aliveness’ Month.  Lois is truly our hero.

Hire Us to Create Content

We love working with passionate people that care about our city.  If you’d like us to promote the positive things you’re doing in the Saint Louis community, contact us today.