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SmileBUX – A digital currency backed by SMILES

I came up with the idea for SmileBUX, a new digital currency and open source platform, over four years ago in Chicago.   I was trying to figure out a way to monetize content better on social networks when a novel idea dawned on me.

What if users got paid for their post’s positive engagement in smiles?  And what if these smiles were tracked digitally on the map?

The idea made me think about money completely differently.  It made me ask questions like:  What is money at its most fundamental nature?  What are the rules that govern it?  And, most importantly, who makes those rules?

In this video, I give give a brief explanation of our currency landscape.  I compare thee systems:  Fiat money, the gold standard and new cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

I then propose an alternative system, SmileBUX, and explain why I believe a currency powered by real human smiles may be the best solution of them all.

I hope you enjoy the video.

With Abundant Smiles,

Matt 🙂

Smile Teachers Trailer

Imagine if two people could change the world with just their SMILE.  Smilocracy founders Lois and Matt plan to teach and inspire the world by showing the power of SMILES in only the way they can.   With boundless enthusiasm and LOVE.  They’re probably the most unlikely superhero duo of ALL time.  Watch the trailer for Smilocracy’s newest content series, “The Smile Teachers” !


Check out the premiere of Give BIG STL, a new content series in-development showing the tangible IMPACT charities like Tony Hilker of Making A Difference and Wayne Ervin of SOS serving our streets are making in STL. A Special Thanks to:  Seeger Toyota. Without you, this video would not have happened!

And to ALL of the volunteers and friends featured in this video, we LOVE YOU! You Rock!!!  #ServeOn #BecauseTheyMatter,#GodBless

New Poster Series

young    beginning

I’ve taken a lot of inspiring images over the last 2 years.  That’s why I’m releasing a NEW poster series that will be free to download in the coming weeks.  Each poster is designed to positively activate the viewer the same way the experiences activated me.  Ponder the feelings they trigger in you… Enjoy the lessons they impart… And hopefully take away something positive… After all, that’s the point!

Love YOU!    -Matt

Sticker Warfare

I read articles everyday about something sad going on in the world.  Sometimes I want to put the blinders up, and ignore what seems to be unbelievably troubling times affecting our world.  Ignorance, however, is not the solution.

As Chief Smile Officer of Smilocracy, I’m very conscious of the war I’m fighting with my smile stickers.  It’s an attitude, a cynicism, a fear that so many people have.  A fear that the world won’t get better.  That’s why I’ve decided to combat this negativity in a very tangible and concrete way.  Yes, a sticker!

It may seem like a small act, getting a sticker, but there is a VERY deep, underlying INTENTION behind it.  Our smile stickers are energetic warfare.  And I’m serious too.

Each one is a shot of inspiration.  A blast of hope that will bring positive healing to our world.  img_5267

To take the warfare metaphor further, think of radiation after a bomb goes off.  The toxic effects are felt for miles.  Now imagine if a smile bomb went off and infected people with positive energy instead of radiation.

That’s what we’re aiming to do.  Our smiles are not only clearing out negativity, but spreading so much good juju as well.   And science backs up that claim.  Smiles are medically proven to have amazing health benefits like lowering blood cholesterol and stress.  Who wouldn’t want that bomb to go off?!

That’s why we take our smiles to some of the most “depressed” areas in our hometown of St. Louis.  Places you don’t think happiness would exist or even be welcomed.  What we discovered surprised even us.

At homeless shelters our smiles are embraced more enthusiastically than just about anywhere.  They are invitations to celebrate that there is still hope in the world.    That people still care.


I have never received as many blessings or as much gratitude as I have gotten from the homeless.  There is no way I can express in words what that gratitude feels like.

That’s why I invite you to join us to experience it first hand.  We need more Smile Warriors to fight the good fight.  The war is on, and, trust me, it’s worth more than a shot… I say it’s worth a few billion stickers.  And I know a good wholesaler printer who will give us a good deal!

Who wants to chip in with me?!?

Love you people!!!   -Matt

Peace-ing It Together

The Puzzle of We

We are 7 billion pieces,
Scattered around the globe.
In every city, state, and country,
Far from being whole.
We are jagged and misshapen.
Each of us infinitely complex.
We are different colors and equations.
Pieces that never seem to mesh.
We have wrestled with this puzzle,
For thousands of years.
Our pursuits have been worthy,
Yet met with countless tears.
You see, this puzzle is human
And prone to areas of grey.
It’s painted with emotion.
Often madness gets in the way.
But what if one piece,
Could magnetize the whole?
Each piece would fit together.
Perhaps we‘d reach our final goal.
So where is this one piece?
Does it even exist?
Maybe it’s inside each of us.
Maybe it’s out of habit we resist.
That’s The Puzzle of We.
It’s so simple on the surface.
Yet we choose to hide,
And mask our deeper purpose.

Smiles #28,024-28,124: Terry Burstein

Proof there’s still good in the world, meet new friend Terry Burstein.  He found a bag of a 100 of our smile stickers in Aldi’s parking lot the other day that Chief Smile Officer Matt had clumsily dropped.  Terry reached out to Matt through the Smilocracy website, asking how he could return them.  To say Matt and Lois were grateful at Terry’s good sumeritan action would be an understatement. Thanks, new buddy! In Lois’ words, “You’re AWESOME!!!”