Peace Begins with a Smile

Mother Teresa famously said “Peace begins with a smile.”  Our mission is to prove it.  Through our famous smile stickers, we’re starting a grassroots movement to show people how powerful smiling is.  We create videos, educational materials and work with multiple charities in the community to teach the power of smiles in innovative and impactful ways.

So far we have stuck over 50,000 stickers just in our hometown and have created hundreds of pieces of original smile content.  And we’re just getting started!

The Secret to Our Plan

The secret to our plan is the smile itself.  We’ve studied their powers, and their benefits are extraordinary.  They decrease stress, lower blood pressure, make you look younger, work more productively and feel more confident.  Heck, they cured our Chief Smile Ambassador, 81 year old Lois Severin of breast cancer and she ran for President!  Just imagine if we extrapolated those benefits to entire communities and then the whole world!


Creating an Open Source Brand

That’s why we are creating an open source brand and platform.  Using our signature smile spreading techniques, we’re developing new ways everyday to spread, curate, and teach the powers of smiles in the community.  Whether it’s giving a thank you smile at a restaurant for excellent service or developing an engaging piece of content, our goal is to share everything openly .  Check out how we’re accomplishing our mission in our hometown of St. Louis and creating tons of inspiring, educational content!

Check out our content here!

Join the Movement!

Finally, we want YOU to get in on the smile spreading action!  Smilocracy is a non-for-profit community platform that anyone can join.   We work with charities, local businesses and change makers who want to leverage our brand and content services to promote their projects and initiatives in a positive and inspiring light.  To learn more, click here.

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