Smilocracy Founders, Lois Severin and Matt Goodman, are not your typical start-up founders.  Lois is an 82 year old breast cancer survivor and Matt is a 35 year old marketing guy and entrepreneur.  Despite their obvious differences, they’ve found something magical in the power of SMILES.

Together they have founded a new type of organization and marketing agency, one who’s mission is to change the world one smile at a time.


Working with numerous organizations and outreach groups in St. Louis they promote positive engagement everywhere they go.


Their work with the homeless has been especially rewarding, and they are currently working on an exiting initiative called the H.O.M.E. Path which aims to integrate homeless outreach efforts all across the city.


Check out the video below to see Lois and Matt on all of their smile spreading adventures…


To learn more about Lois and Matt, go here.