SmileBUX – A digital currency backed by SMILES

I came up with the idea for SmileBUX, a new digital currency and open source platform, over four years ago in Chicago.   I was trying to figure out a way to monetize content better on social networks when a novel idea dawned on me.

What if users got paid for their post’s positive engagement in smiles?  And what if these smiles were tracked digitally on the map?

The idea made me think about money completely differently.  It made me ask questions like:  What is money at its most fundamental nature?  What are the rules that govern it?  And, most importantly, who makes those rules?

In this video, I give give a brief explanation of our currency landscape.  I compare thee systems:  Fiat money, the gold standard and new cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

I then propose an alternative system, SmileBUX, and explain why I believe a currency powered by real human smiles may be the best solution of them all.

I hope you enjoy the video.

With Abundant Smiles,

Matt 🙂

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