Sticker Warfare

I read articles everyday about something sad going on in the world.  Sometimes I want to put the blinders up, and ignore what seems to be unbelievably troubling times affecting our world.  Ignorance, however, is not the solution.

As Chief Smile Officer of Smilocracy, I’m very conscious of the war I’m fighting with my smile stickers.  It’s an attitude, a cynicism, a fear that so many people have.  A fear that the world won’t get better.  That’s why I’ve decided to combat this negativity in a very tangible and concrete way.  Yes, a sticker!

It may seem like a small act, getting a sticker, but there is a VERY deep, underlying INTENTION behind it.  Our smile stickers are energetic warfare.  And I’m serious too.

Each one is a shot of inspiration.  A blast of hope that will bring positive healing to our world.  img_5267

To take the warfare metaphor further, think of radiation after a bomb goes off.  The toxic effects are felt for miles.  Now imagine if a smile bomb went off and infected people with positive energy instead of radiation.

That’s what we’re aiming to do.  Our smiles are not only clearing out negativity, but spreading so much good juju as well.   And science backs up that claim.  Smiles are medically proven to have amazing health benefits like lowering blood cholesterol and stress.  Who wouldn’t want that bomb to go off?!

That’s why we take our smiles to some of the most “depressed” areas in our hometown of St. Louis.  Places you don’t think happiness would exist or even be welcomed.  What we discovered surprised even us.

At homeless shelters our smiles are embraced more enthusiastically than just about anywhere.  They are invitations to celebrate that there is still hope in the world.    That people still care.


I have never received as many blessings or as much gratitude as I have gotten from the homeless.  There is no way I can express in words what that gratitude feels like.

That’s why I invite you to join us to experience it first hand.  We need more Smile Warriors to fight the good fight.  The war is on, and, trust me, it’s worth more than a shot… I say it’s worth a few billion stickers.  And I know a good wholesaler printer who will give us a good deal!

Who wants to chip in with me?!?

Love you people!!!   -Matt

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