Peace-ing It Together

The Puzzle of We

We are 7 billion pieces,
Scattered around the globe.
In every city, state, and country,
Far from being whole.
We are jagged and misshapen.
Each of us infinitely complex.
We are different colors and equations.
Pieces that never seem to mesh.
We have wrestled with this puzzle,
For thousands of years.
Our pursuits have been worthy,
Yet met with countless tears.
You see, this puzzle is human
And prone to areas of grey.
It’s painted with emotion.
Often madness gets in the way.
But what if one piece,
Could magnetize the whole?
Each piece would fit together.
Perhaps we‘d reach our final goal.
So where is this one piece?
Does it even exist?
Maybe it’s inside each of us.
Maybe it’s out of habit we resist.
That’s The Puzzle of We.
It’s so simple on the surface.
Yet we choose to hide,
And mask our deeper purpose.

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